•  Website Designing

    Looking for web page design services?

    Your search ends’ here with Telequest! Creating a website has never been easier!!!

    Let’s define a website that can be rated as user friendly what it needs to have:

    – Perfect look and feel
    – Ease of navigation
    – Interactive
    – Easy and fast opening pages web pages

    Either a new website to be developed from the scratch or redesign an existing website has to redesigned, we do it with professional approach. Our cutting-edge technical skills are well integrated with creative design concepts and luminous information-rich content.

    Telequest ensures that we provide the best of facilities for customer’s satisfaction by making an exclusive or a sleek design, so that it gives the customer just the kind of look he desires. We guide you through the technical issues and steer your business in the right direction. They are an invaluable resource that you can tap into with business questions as it pertains to your website. We have worked with half dozens of active clients and have worked with hundreds of companies from various industries. You’ll want to take full advantage of that knowledge base as it will help you make the best decisions.

    High quality web design cuts through all industries.


    Advantages of Web Designing:

    • We are professional web designer and we will make sure to code your website following the latest web standards and he will make sure that your website is running properly and effectively on major browsers including Chrome and Firefox.
    • We will always do clean, clear and professional coding while designing a website.
    • Users are able to go through navigation systems to see your entire site if they love it.
    • Fonts and typography are important things to make your website attractive and eye-catching.
  •  Website Development

    Web development company Telequestdeals with web project of any complexity and duration. Whether you need a small, nice looking web site, a complex e-commerce web application or corporate website – Telequest would be honored to start a business relationship with you.

    If website development is a phobia for you, then we’ve got the cure!

    Before we begin any campaign, we listen. We learn about your business and your goals. We suggest ways to use your resources so they deliver the most bangs for your buck. Only then do we build your site – on time and on budget – and we do it with a smile. No techno-babble that leaves you scratching your head. You’ll even be able to watch your site being built, so you never have to guess about your project’s status. As a software development service provider, Telequest strives to provide our customers quality application development services and web development services that help them to remain in step with their competitors.

  •  ASP.NET Development

    Telequest has is one of the most reliable asp.net development companies with expertise in various technologies associated with the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. An outstanding application development framework, ASP.NET is useful for development of higher level web and software applications.

    At Telequest, our skilled and experienced ASP.net Web Developers are always trained to follow standard practice for ASP.net development with the entire code written keeping in view of code extensibility and maintainability for your ease.


    Advantages of ASP.net development 

    • Just-in-time compilation, smart caching technologies and native optimization dramatically increase overall application performance.
    • Excellent inherent features of .Net have made it quite easy to build database driven web sites and applications.
    • NET has the incredible feature of reducing the overall lines of code which are required to develop large applications.
    • ASP supports Windows authentication and one can keep the applications secured.
    • NET significantly reduces the amount of code required for building large and complex applications which can increase overall development speed and reduce development costs.

    We go extra mile to make our Customers Happy!

  •  PHP Development

    PHP is an open source, server side language that lets you create both static and dynamic websites. We combine both creativity and imagination to render the 100% user-friendly and interactive web applications and web solutions. Our team capable of handling programming and development services, covering all needs of global clients.

    Our PHP developers have proficiency in using top-notch quality PHP technologies to provide remarkable web development solutions. We take pride of having a team of creative minds with experience to serve your diverse business needs. We maintain complete transparency with our clients. This makes us a trusted choice of many customers across the globe.


    Why should businesses choose PHP Development?

    • PHP is open source and is developed and updated by a community of developers from around the globe. Therefore, all its components are free to use and distribute.
    • Large technological support available
    • PHP supports many frameworks
    • Scalable and robust solution
    • Frequent up gradation of language for high performance
    • IT supports all major databases including MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, InterBase, FrontBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.
    • Compared to other web languages that require a bit of study, PHP does not require one to spend a lot of time researching a manual. Thanks to the syntax being logical and command functions describing exactly what they do, one can easily get right to the part of creating and optimizing the application.
  •  Mobile Applications

    Telequest provides mobile apps development for all your needs. We have an extensive expertise in Mobile Application Development platform including iPhone Application Development, Windows Mobile Application.


    iPhone and iPad Development – Our iPhone app developers have hands-on experience in planning, building, and deploying complex applications successfully. Enabling mobility for field workers through tablets and phones is a great way to increase productivity. With 90% of the web tablet traffic generated by iPad, it is unwise to ignore the advantage of developing an iOS solution for your enterprise.

    Our developers have nailed our client engagement down to a crisp 8 step process by the end of which you will have your enterprise iPhone app running successfully in your employee devices.

    Android Development – Telequest offers Mobile Application Development for Google Android. Android Application is a software stack for mobile devices that consist of an operating system, middleware and key applications.

     Our enterprise Android app developers have come up with a unique framework for testing Android apps in different screen sizes and different versions of operating systems without incurring the cost of additional testing time or additional test devices. This is one of the reasons why our developers are able to deliver apps quicker than other organizations. 

     Windows Mobile Development – Telequest has a rich experience of Windows Mobile Application Development.

    So your search for best mobile application development for iOS, Android and Windows ends here with us! Choose your platform and hire our expert team of mobile developer, designer, creative engineer and get your work done.

    This is your opportunity to be part of this new fast moving platform. Whether it is an App for leisure or business, we can provide you a solution. To get in touch with us drop an inquiry!

  •  Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Development

    Rich Internet Application is a web application with resembling capabilities of desktop application software. It ensures better error management, feedback and overall user experience. The rich characteristics are mainly delivered through Sandbox, Virtual Machine and Java Script. RIA offers rich user experience and improves productivity. RIAs offers a new platform for content distribution through powerful data and multimedia like text, graphic files, images, audio and video which are powered by a web browser.

    Our belief in offering quality service and user experience has enabled us to create solutions to the needs of our clients conferring better user experience and great quality. It also provides end user with an interface i.e. faster and more responsive than traditional applications.

    The combination of in-depth knowledge of technology and commitment to clients’ success gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to developing robust RIA solutions. We have excessive experience in building rich internet applications with perfect functionality, interactive features and client-oriented interface.


    Our RIA Development services include:

    • Ecommerce Application
    • Custom Application
    • Portal Development
    • Real Estate Application
    • Smart Client Application
    • eLearning Application
    • N-Tier Application
    • Mobile Application

    Our RIA developers are capable of providing services that exactly match your business requirements within the timeframe.

  •  E-Commerce Solutions

    Every business is unique, and a customized e-commerce solution is the best way to leverage your brand’s originality to maximum effect. Every business is unique, and a customized e-commerce solution is the best way to leverage your brand’s originality to maximum effective. E-commerce requires an integrated approach, combining customer service, marketing, shop design, IT, logistics, and financial services. We provide all of the building blocks you need for a successful e-commerce business model.

    Telequest enables businesses to move from online, in-store and phone shopping channels to an integrated commerce solution that seamlessly connects ecommerce and in-store POS to order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, financials and customer service. We develop your online shop (both the front and back ends) and take care of end-to-end fulfillment (B2B, B2C) − whether you want to distribute your products in physical or digital form.


    Services to support your e-commerce business: 

    • E-commerce multi-channel management
    • E-commerce consulting
    • Social media monitoring and online market research
    • Customer loyalty and management in the e-commerce context
    • Web shop setup and design, content and shop management, web analytics
    • Online marketing (SEM/SEO, e-mail marketing, address and lead generation, affiliate marketing, display advertising)
    • Fulfillment

    We can assist you from the earliest development stages of your website plan to the very end stages and plan for the future. Our support staff of graphic designers, website developers, creative writers, SEO specialists, and marketing specialists ensures cutting-edge technology, creative and unique website design, customized to be effective for your needs. We can help you manage your entire online presence as much as you would like.

  •  Print media

    Want to build your brand personality? Aiming to become a brand that entices followers? Then it’s high time you get a logo design or banner Design created by a professional company. Capture the essence of your brand and your customer’s attention with a professionally designed logo or banner.


    Logo Designing – Creating your company brand (logo) is the first and the most crucial and prerequisite for any successful online presence.

    Our logo designing services maintains your corporate image by including the designs in letters, business cards, website, brochures and promotional materials. We design the logos in the most professional manner which adds credibility, personality and uniqueness to the brand.


    Our Logo Design Artists specifically takes care of the following:

    • It speaks for the company through its invisible language.
    • Stay within affordability
    • The logo design is aesthetically appealing and coherently meaningful.
    • It should be precise, memorable, legible and functional.
    • Help protecting the individuality
    • At last, it should be strictly resilient against the winds of fad and fashion


    Brand Designing – You have a new offer or product to launch and create audience? Web Banner Designs can prove to be a simple yet a powerful marketing tool to put forth your message across the globe.

    Banner Designs are critical in the success of your extended brand strategy. Most of the website visitors time is spent on viewing ads so high-quality advertising banners are very important for the successful promotion of your website. Telequest is a leading Banner Design Company offering banner design services in various formats.


    Our Banner Designing Service Offering:


    • Static Banner Design
    • Facebook banner Design
    • Professional Banner Design
    • Web Banner Ads Design
    • It should have an attractive headline.
    • It should have compelling content on it.


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