For marketing intelligence teams it is very necessary to understand needs of businesses and customers better. If strategically done, then companies are able to reap huge profits in the long run. For these teams right from analysis of gaps in sales to speeding up generation of revenues is very critical.

Teams for sales as well as marketing can have a higher value if intelligent systems for the market are developed and planned in a better way with services like those offered by TeleQuest Global.  Important decisions have to be made in a few areas which accordingly affect how the sales and the intelligence teams would finally empower.

Success and failure will depend on variables chosen which can make the actual difference in a marketing intelligence  Indictors for performance, role of intelligence systems in the market, objectives and maintaining the right balance between the tactical as well as strategic intelligence systems can be a very difficult task. Mindset of the management as well as that of the CEO, type of cycles in the planning process, competition or the nature of competition, the kind of market – whether a consumer or business market, sales of products and marketing etc, all need to be seriously considered via services like those offered by TeleQuest Global.

In a marketing intelligence system, methodologies need to be chosen as per the needs of the organization. Methods and techniques are many and depending on the nature of the business.


Different tactics for sales adopted like VOC or the voice of the customer, understanding sustainability and financial strength of competitors, analysis on penetration of the market by competitors, gaps in account intelligence, analysis of win or loss situation for strengthening the strategy of sales, understanding niche mind set etc need to be streamlined and adopted in the bigger picture.

For solving the challenges in systems of market intelligence, tools based on technology and services like those offered by TeleQuest Global that are easy to use and implement need to be built for providing a better competitive advantage over others.



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